Rules of flight security control

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Flight security control

Control for aviation safety

To ensure the safety of civil aviation in both domestic and international flights is conducted security control. Control is required for all passengers (including transit and transfer) and their cabin baggage, luggage, personal belongings.

Passengers who have not passed security control, or have not filed for this hand luggage, luggage and other things belonging to them for planting are not allowed on board the aircraft.

Objects and substances prohibited for carriage by passengers and aircraft crew members

1. RL, devices of light signals, pistols powder construction and installation, gas cylinders containing nerve, teargas, poisonous and strong gases.

2. Electroshock devices of all kinds, except for medical reanimation equipment (defibrillators).

3.  Electron-beam weapons of all kinds.

4.  Explosives, connection, equipment of the objects, blasting:
  • all kinds of gunpowder, stamps in any package (regardless of quantity)
  • Capsules hunting cartridges;
  • blasting cap of all kinds;
  • electrodetonators of all kinds;
  • electric spark;
  • Bickford cords and detonation;
  • detonators and fuses for munitions;
  • ammunition of all types;
  • ammunition training and simulation;
  • TNT, TNT, dynamite, ammonal, RDX, other explosives for military and industrial use, improvised explosive mixture, outfit of substances and objects;
  • pyrotechnics: rockets and signal lighting, falshfeery, planting bombs, thermite matches, matches demolition, firecrackers, sparklers, fireworks, pyrotechnic household and similar items and homemade remedies and products.

5. Gases, compressed and liquefied for domestic and industrial use - propane, butane, nitrogen, neon, argon, oxygen, chlorine, other than those transported medical teams to provide emergency assistance to the population.

6. Flammable liquids - gasoline, kerosene, acetone, methanol, methyl ester, brake fluid, carbon disulfide, ethers, organic solvents, all types of adhesives and sealants containing flammable (pyrophoric) components.

7. Flammable solids:
  • substances which under the action of water and generate heat ignite spontaneously, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, and their alloys, calcium phosphorous and substances with similar properties;
  • phosphorus, white, yellow and other substances of flammable solids;
  • nitrocellulose industrial dry, colloidal and moist regardless of the solvent content.

8. Poisonous and strong substances:
  • toxic and potent substance in any physical condition regardless of the shape and quality of the package;
  • brucine, nicotine, strychnine, formalin, antifreeze, ethylene glycol, mercury cyanide preparations cyclone black cyanide and substances with similar properties.

9. Caustic and corrosive substances:
  • inorganic acid - hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric, and mixtures thereof;
  • hydrofluoric (hydrofluoric acid)
  • meadows all kinds - potassium, sodium and similar chemical compounds;
  • preparations for etching metals, bleach, battery electrolyte and substances with similar properties;
  • chemicals for removing paint and varnish from surfaces coated therewith.

10. Radіoaktivnі rechovini materіali i whether yakih stage potentsіynogo riziku, forms vigotovlennya chi fіzichnogo that will fіzichnih vlastivostey.

11. All other substances, compounds and articles subject to the symptoms of the named above as well as those for which the manufacturer distributes special conditions of storage, transport and use, raise doubts as to the safety of their transportation, such as those that can be used for the explosion, burning, or of security threats to life and health of passengers and crew members of the aircraft.

Objects and substances prohibited for carriage by passengers and crew members in the cabin, but are allowed to be transported in checked baggage

1.Firearms (including fighting, hunting, sports), air, gas guns, pistols and revolvers, intended for shooting bullets filled with rubber or similar in characteristics bullets, cold steel of all kinds and structurally similar to her products, ammunition and spare parts weapons, as well as educational, emasculated, museum, souvenir, collection and sham weapon in the presence of a natural or legal person permission to storage, carrying and transportation, guns and pistols for spearfishing.

Transportation of weapons is regulated by the instruction approved by the central executive authority in the field of transport.

2. Piercing and cutting items, including:
  • nail scissors;
  • needles for medical injections
  • knitting needles;
  • Metal cutlery knives;
  • corkscrews;
  • devices and toys imitating all kinds of weapons;
  • lighters in the form of a gun, another weapon;
  • items from the blunt ends that can cause bodily injury.

Transportation of liquids

The hand luggage allowed to carry liquids, gels, aerosols, individually packed, each volume not exceeding 100 ml.

Also to be transported in carry-on luggage are allowed goods that have been purchased in stores «Duty Free», if they are packed in a sealed plastic bag with an attached check.

Liquids that are prohibited to be carried in hand luggage volume exceeding 100 ml
  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups;
  • creams, lotions and oils;
  • perfume;
  • sprays;
  • gels, including hair gels and shower;
  • substances in containers, containers under pressure, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;
  • pastes, including tooth paste;
  • mixtures of liquids and solids;
  • mascara;
  • any other substances of similar composition.

Passengers are allowed to carry
  • in checked baggage - liquid substances;
  • in hand luggage - medicines and dietary requirements, including food for babies to use them during the flight.

The passenger must confirm the need for drugs and diabetes drugs and their use during the flight (this requirement applies to flights to the following EU countries, USA, Canada, and Norway, Iceland and Switzerland).

For more information on the activities of the airport, please call:

+38 0412 43-30-08

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January 29, 2016, Zhytomyr Aeroport received first technical flight of the aircraft Saab 340 airlines Yanair

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