Packaging, processing, receiving and lost baggage

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Transportation of luggage

Baggage clearance

All baggage, including hand luggage, you must present a personnel service company at registration. Baggage taken the airline to transportation, luggage tag is marked.

The airline representative should give you a coupon of baggage tag to identify your luggage at the destination airport

Before registering desirable to pack luggage and close the locks. Valuables, business papers, medicines, jewelry recommended to carry in your hand luggage.

The rules establish airline baggage. Excess baggage transport conditions to be specified in the airline.

Excess Baggage the carriage of passengers pay additional fees

The airline may refuse to carry baggage contains prohibited items

Carry-on baggage

Hand luggage must comply with airline requirements and carrier aviation security.

Besides hand luggage allowed to carry handbags, umbrellas, print read during the flight, camera, camcorder, laptop package with purchases of Duty-free, baby food, coat or raincoat.

Packaging luggage

You can use the service, luggage packing to prevent damage to your luggage while traveling.

Baggage carts

Free baggage carts are located in all areas of the airport complex.

Oversized baggage

As for features oversized baggage transportation please contact the company carrier.

Getting luggage

If you can not find your luggage on the conveyor issue, you must contact the office directly to lost baggage hall baggage claim.

Luggage storage

If you decide to leave your luggage at the international airport "Zhytomyr" for a fixed term, your service lockers (located in the ground floor of the right wing, near a bank branch). Rate: 9 UAH for 1 hour.

Luggage Storage working around the clock.

Companies that hold baggage tracing

Group airport lost baggage "Zhitomir":
  • The company "Interavia"
  • Company «Aerohandling»
  • Airline "Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines"

Lost or damaged baggage

For non-registered baggage at destination airport passenger should do the following:
  • Seek employee lost baggage and complete documents form;
  • Provide transportation documents (ticket, boarding pass, luggage tag)

For more information on the activities of the airport, please call:

+38 0412 43-30-08

The airport received its first airplane

January 29, 2016, Zhytomyr Aeroport received first technical flight of the aircraft Saab 340 airlines Yanair

Creating jobs

In Zhytomyr International Airport will be opened 400 jobs

World-class airplane arrived

Air Bishkek Airlines passenger plane Airbus A320 landed in Zhitomir Airport