Sending and receiving cargo, customs clearance services, cargo terminal

Now in Zhytomyr


Cargo terminal

Planned to open a cargo terminal.

Characteristics of the terminal:
  • capacity - paletomists 2686, 805.8 tonnes;
  • dismantling area - 1980 square meters (a cover for protection against rain);
  • acquisition area - 980 square meters (a cover for protection against rain);
  • refrigerators with the regime +2 ... + 8 C (4 pcs.) - Exports of goods 190 cubic meters, maximum doorway V2m's Sh1.4m and import cargo: 170 cubic meters, maximum doorway V2m's Sh1.5m;
  • okrema refrigerator for storage of goods with human remains - 30 cubic meters;
  • freezer mode of -18 C - 50 cubic meters (doorway 2m x 0,85m.)
  • specialized warehouses for storage of dangerous goods of various classes of risk (19 m, 25 m, 31 m, 12 m);
  • specialized warehouse for storage of radioactive dangerous goods (7th class of danger) area of ​​18 sq.m .;
  • specialized warehouse for storage of valuable cargo area of ​​18 sq m;
  • place for short-term accommodation of live animals (fenced, heated)
  • video surveillance system areas and warehouses;
  • fire alarm system in the warehouses;
  • automated accounting system loads;
  • equipment for mechanical handling of cargo (container handlers, forklifts capacity from 1.5 to 7 tons, container trucks, trucks with lifting body, belt conveyors, Rocla, tractors);
  • highly skilled, educated and certified staff to work with dangerous goods, live animals.

Other objects placed in the territory of a cargo terminal:
  • Subdivisions Zhytomyr Customs;
  • Quarantine station sanepidemstantsii;
  • Post environmental monitoring environmental safety;
  • Paragraph plant quarantine;
  • Veterinary derzhvetkontrolyu point;
  • Offices offices (general agents) airlines and forwarding companies.

Hours cargo terminal:
  • For airlines - around the clock seven days a week;
  • For customers (acceptance / delivery of goods) - daily from 8:15 to 19:45 (lunch break - 13: 00-14: 00).

For more information on the activities of the airport, please call:

+38 0412 43-30-08

The airport received its first airplane

January 29, 2016, Zhytomyr Aeroport received first technical flight of the aircraft Saab 340 airlines Yanair

Creating jobs

In Zhytomyr International Airport will be opened 400 jobs

World-class airplane arrived

Air Bishkek Airlines passenger plane Airbus A320 landed in Zhitomir Airport