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Korolev S.P. Museum of Astronautics

In Zhytomyr Sergei Korolev it represents one of the highlights in the history of mankind ― the era of space exploration. A talented engineer, designer, organizer, he was at the forefront of creating and launching the world's first launch vehicles, satellites, automatic interplanetary stations, manned spacecraft. A prominent scientist was born in Zhitomir, and here made their first steps on the way to the stars. Grateful descendants honored the memory of the famous countryman, creating a space museum in his name, which is already more than 45 years of hospitality opens its doors to Zhytomyr and numerous guests.
Memorial house-museum of academician SP Korolev visitors can get to the historical period of the last century, when lived in Zhitomir Korolevs family, to learn about the life and work of Chief Designer, see a number of truly unique authentic items personally owned by SP Korolev or his family.

Constant interest to visitors is the exhibition "Space". Here are the "real" Lander spacecraft "Soyuz-27" autographed cosmonaut V.Dzhanibekova and H.Hrechka, rescue suit "Sokol" astronaut Yu.Artyuhina personal way flight astronauts H.Strekalova, V.Solovyova , H.Hrechka samples of lunar soil, life-size replicas of the Criminal Code "Soyuz" spacecraft "Lunokhod-2" satellites "halo 3" and many other valuable pieces that are the pride of not only the museum, but also the whole country.

Fascinating, surprising and exciting yet unusual decoration exposition: napivzatemnena hall with colored lights, photo collages with reproductions of masterpieces of world art, "space" music "space" lounge chair. In such a museum there multifaceted relationship with the cosmos, reveals talent-Man creator, man-thinker.

Visit the museum and make a fascinating journey of space ways. The museum is open daily except Monday from 10.00 to 17.15. Last Thursday of the month - cleaning day in the exhibition "Space", the last Friday of the month ― cleaning day at Memorial house-museum S.Korolyov.

Museum Address: 5 Dmytrivska street, Zhitomir, 10008.

e-mail: post@cosmosmuseum.info

site: cosmosmuseum.info

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