Staff training to work in accordance with international standards
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Training center

Activity training Zhytomyr Airport Center is closely connected with the formation and development of the structural divisions of the enterprise involved in ground handling.

The ever-increasing level of competition in today's aviation market dictates the high quality standards of ground handling services and the globalization of the aviation business has caused the need for the establishment of a ground handling service standards, which are recognized internationally.

Coordinator and representative of the interests of aviation services market in the air transport industry has acted IATA - International Air Transport Association.

Taking into account the experience gained ground handling and implementation of security standards, IATA has developed standards for hendlingovyh companies and specialized organizations that provide ground handling services and introduced a separate audit on the safety of ground operations ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations). Among the standards are ISAGO training requirements.

For the purpose of training personnel for ground handling in Zhytomyr Airport training center was established on the basis of which the training of personnel for ground handling Zhytomyr Airport in accordance with ISAGO standards.

Zhytomyr Airport Training Center as part of management units for the production of ISAGO successfully audited and confirmed compliance training ISAGO requirements.

The industrial complex Zhytomyr Airport made in ISAGO registry that has positioned it as a reliable supplier of ground handling services.

Zhytomyr Airport Training Center certified by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine the right to conduct training of staff for ground handling at various areas of training.

Classes are taught by instructors trained in IATA and airline experts with solid experience.

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The airport received its first airplane

January 29, 2016, Zhytomyr Aeroport received first technical flight of the aircraft Saab 340 airlines Yanair

Creating jobs

In Zhytomyr International Airport will be opened 400 jobs

World-class airplane arrived

Air Bishkek Airlines passenger plane Airbus A320 landed in Zhitomir Airport