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Information office

Ready to give you all the information:
  • on public facilities, businesses and organizations that operate at the Zhytomyr Airport;
  • regarding scheduling and the actual movement of aircraft to / from the Zhytomyr Airport;
  • information on tracing lost luggage;
  • information on taxi to / from Zhytomyr Airport;
  • information on passengers, luggage, hand luggage;
  • information on the cost of excess baggage;
  • information on the immigration and customs regulations;
  • information on procedures for passenger services (registration, control of aviation security, landing on the aircraft) at the airport Zhitomir;
  • information on safety at airports and on board aircraft;
  • information about fees, costs and rules for the transport of animals, sports equipment, etc;
  • background and contact information Airline Ukraine and the world, embassies and consulates;
  • information on public transport to / from the Zhytomyr Airport.

Communication is carried out in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Phone information office: +38 0412 43-30-08 — Information is free.

For more information on the activities of the airport, please call:

+38 0412 43-30-08

The airport received its first airplane

January 29, 2016, Zhytomyr Aeroport received first technical flight of the aircraft Saab 340 airlines Yanair

Creating jobs

In Zhytomyr International Airport will be opened 400 jobs

World-class airplane arrived

Air Bishkek Airlines passenger plane Airbus A320 landed in Zhitomir Airport