Pride of Zhytomyr International Airport

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Awards and certificates

Aerodrome Certificate of Compliance
Aerodrome certificate confirming its compliance with the applicable standards and regulations and entitles the holder to its operation. Confirms roadworthiness areas of land or water surface, ground facilities and equipment destined for arrival, departure and surface movement of aircraft on this.

Personal certificate Sergei KorolevThe certificate confirms agreement on naming Korolev Sergei Pavlovich, January 12, 1907 birth, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the airport "Zhitomir-Smakovka" (owner of DC "Airport-Zhytomyr" company "Accord", Ukraine, 10007, c. Zhitomir, ul. aviators, 9, enterprise code 18014149).

For more information on the activities of the airport, please call:

+38 0412 43-30-08

The airport received its first airplane

January 29, 2016, Zhytomyr Aeroport received first technical flight of the aircraft Saab 340 airlines Yanair

Creating jobs

In Zhytomyr International Airport will be opened 400 jobs

World-class airplane arrived

Air Bishkek Airlines passenger plane Airbus A320 landed in Zhitomir Airport